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My name is Cecil Wiltshire and I am a composer of instrumental music. I used to play drums in a six man group back in the seventies whilst serving in the Army over in Germany. It was mainly for fun… doing cover material of soul and reggae songs, but did not last long due to everyone gradually being posted to other units.

Since leaving the armed forces in the mid eighties, although I had a passion for music, I didn’t have the time to pursue my ambition due to other commitments. Recently with time on my hands, I am now committed to making music on a more serious level.

My taste of music varies right across the board from soul, rock to classical although I grew up listening to Tamla Motown and ‘Old Skool’. At present I am more swayed towards listening to Smooth Jazz and Chillout sounds. Don’t particularly have a favourite artiste as there are many genres that I enjoyed listening to over the years.

The style of my instrumental compositions has a blending of smooth jazz/chillout/dance…and to a degree am not influenced by any particular artiste…what I find I do, comes from my own feelings and inspirations.

I compose and record my own material despite no success to date, I am hoping that one day my dream of obtaining a publishing deal will come true. I do have a number of tracks I am working on at present.

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